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   常州西爱克进出口有限公司是由国家批准享有自营进出口经营权的外贸企业。本公司主要经营太阳能系列产品,光伏系统,太阳能组件和太阳能应用产品,以及机械设备,电子设备,五金,化工,金属材料,工艺品等产品和服务。并承接来图来样加工贸易, 进口高速公路路面材料及废钢业务。公司产品远销欧美市场和东南亚市场,颇受欢迎。
Changzhou C & X Imp-export Co., Ltd is a foreign trade company approved by the center government. we mainly deal in------
--- solar energy products,
solar panels,solar power system,photovoltaic modules
solar water heater and solar applications,
--- machinery equipment and technology,
---power machine, small-sized diesel engine and tractor,
---auto parts,
---electronical equipment,
---chemical products,
---metallic materials ,
---arts and crafts and so on.
---Import high-way surface material and steel scrap.
We also carry on our business with supplied drawings and samples,We share our benefits in production and technology with our clients while we focus on the import and export of commodities and service. strict quality control system, timely delivery and customer-oriented service make us have established trade relations with U.S.A.european,south-east asian countries."SINCERITY, SATISFACTION, SERVICE" has been aimed to service every customers that we believe we can service you one day, contact us for more information.

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